Accurate, Easy to Install Wireless Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring in Explosive Atmospheres

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Welcome to 3-Sci

3-Sci is a visionary British Internet of Things company run by a unique team of technical specialists with unparalleled experience in research and product development in engineering and the physical sciences.

What is Wi-Corr®?

Wi-Corr is a revolutionary wireless monitoring system which uses a network of permanently-installed sensors to precisely and cost-effectively monitor the influence of erosion or corrosion on metal wall thickness.

This information allows for example, an analysis of the impact of feedstock selection and a proactive approach in planning of turnarounds and preventative action.

The Wi-Corr wireless corrosion transmitter is comprised of a battery-powered wireless communication unit (Wi-Corr WU) which forms part of a self-organising radio network when first deployed. This connects to an ultrasonic sensor (Wi-Corr US) and optionally, a temperature sensor (Wi-Corr TMP). The wireless unit is housed in a lightweight, rugged enclosure for easy handling and fitting.

Wi-Corr’s robust, proprietary adhesives, surface preparation tools and installation fixtures ensure that the sensors are reliably bonded to the pipework or other metal surfaces within minutes. This non-invasive, proven process is compatible with straight pipes, elbows, reducers or tank walls.

Wi-Corr® benefits