comprises ground-breaking technology for the avoidance of corrosion under insulation (CUI) in plant piping and pressure vessels. Annually, billions of dollars are lost to global industries due to CUI. 3-Sci’s CUItest solution utilises sparsely-distributed wireless sensors, permanently-deployed across a plant and will warn asset owners of the onset of CUI, allowing early and timely intervention. CUItest is presently being prepared for use in non-explosive and ATEX Zone 1 explosive atmospheres.


provides a unique communication system that can be quickly-deployed for monitoring remote assets and facilities that cannot be catered for by existing cellular, wired, satellite or other traditional wireless systems. Daisee was designed specifically to provide sensor data over extremely long one-dimensional linear networks with application to underground transport, waste water tunnels and long distance pipelines.


is a revolutionary wireless corrosion-erosion monitoring system for use in Atex Zone 1 Explosive Atmospheres. Through a network of self-organising permanently installed wireless sensors, accurate metal wall thickness and temperature can be cost-effectively obtained. This enables corrosion and erosion to be precisely monitored in real time.
For refineries and petrochemical plant, the information provided allows an analysis of the impact of feedstock selection or chemical process and a proactive approach in planning of turnarounds and preventative action. For any other applications where there are concerns over metal-wall thinning, Wi-Corr provides ‘fit-and-forget’ and immediate reporting capability to allow continuous, long-term monitoring of those structures of concern.

Wi-Corr Oct

is an evolution of our first generation Wi-Corr product. Wi-Corr Oct, has eight sensors per transceiver, increasing the value proposition to accommodate more measurement points. Wi-Corr Oct is being created in response to end-user feedback.