Accurate, Easy to Install, Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring

Wi-Corr is a revolutionary wireless monitoring system suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

Through a self-organising network of permanently installed, wireless-enabled sensors, accurate metal wall thickness and temperature can be obtained cost-effectively, enabling corrosion and erosion to be precisely monitored. The system can be applied to many environments. For refineries and petrochemical plant, the information provided allows an analysis of the impact of feedstock selection or chemical process and a proactive approach in planning of turnarounds and preventative action. For any other applications where there are concerns over metal-wall thinning, Wi-Corr provides ‘fit-and-forget’ and immediate reporting capability to allow continuous, long-term monitoring of those structures of concern.

Lower cost than Permasense

How does Wi-Corr® work?

Wi-Corr uses ultrasonic sensors adhered directly by the user onto metal surfaces. Measurements of the pipe wall thickness at each specific location are sent back to a central controller over the Radio Frequency (RF) mesh network. Automatically-processed data revealing wall thickness can be viewed, or alternatively, full ultrasonic waveforms (A-scans) can be requested from each sensor if desired. Corrosion and erosion trends and safety margins can then be deduced. Alarms can be set to warn the user of excessive metal loss. All this capability allows better process control and proactive planning of maintenance by the asset manager.

Wi-Corr® in action

Our instructive video shows the straight-forward fitting procedure for the Wi-Corr sensor and some example uses of the intuitive control and data management user-interface.

Wireless Corrosion Monitoring

The Benefits

Reduces operational expenditure and risk

Corrosion and erosion are major sources of risk to many metallic structures and facilities, including upstream assets and downstream hydrocarbon facilities. Manual ultrasonic inspection of metal surfaces and pipes has been the method of choice for many years but demonstrates poor reproducibility. Escalating costs are incurred when inspection teams need to access really difficult locations. Wi-Corr has been developed to revolutionise the way asset integrity is assessed, alleviating many of the difficulties and short-comings of more challenging manual techniques.

Certified for explosive atmospheres (Intrinsically Safe)

The Wi-Corr systems are certified for operation in explosive atmospheres – Baseefa (IECEx and ATEX Zone 1). The sensors are approved to be permanently installed on pipes running at up to 200°C

0.01mm resolution

Wi-Corr sensors are state-of-the-art devices, demonstrating thickness measurement resolution of better than 0.01mm (0.0004″), applied to flat or curved metal surfaces and a wide range of pipe diameters.

This is approximately 10 times more sensitive than competing solutions.
Metal surface temperatures are reported as a standard feature.

Easy, quick installation on live plant

The Wi-Corr sensors and network can be installed during normal operations, so no shutdown is required. Hand-held surface preparation units and simple, pre-packaged adhesive installation mean most sensors can be installed in just a few minutes.

No hot work permits necessary

Installing a Wi-Corr system avoids the need to gain hot work permits. Once installed, the need is avoided to repeatedly deploy scaffolding and remove insulation to achieve wall thickness measurements.

Large or small scale deployments

To cover large assets or large surface areas, dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Wi-Corr sensors can be deployed. Alternatively, single sensors or small numbers of sensors can be deployed to report on any areas of special concern.

6+ year battery life

Wi-Corr units are autonomously powered and designed for 6 year battery life under normal operating conditions. Batteries can be replaced easily at any time on live plant.

Measurements on demand 24/7, or automatic reporting and historical trending analysis

The user data display allows examination of data immediately if required, by manual intervention. Short and long-term trends in metal wall thickness are stored and can be recalled for assessment to allow the user to identify any troublesome areas or historical trends in process conditions.

User-reconfigurable measurements

Wi-Corr comes with a standard user interface which allows measurements to be reported within minutes of the sensors being installed. However, the user can also configure the system to suit any particular reporting or viewing preferences such as the frequency of reporting from any sensors, the comparison of results from a multiple of sensors or regions, or through the setting of desired alarm levels to warn of undesirable metal loss.

Standardised Wireless Hart mesh network

The Wi-Corr units use a Wireless Hart self-organising radio frequency mesh network which has been proven in cluttered environments. Data from 1000s of corrosion sensors can be sent back to the central control hub for user viewing and advanced control. No lengthy cabling is required. This widely-adopted wireless mesh protocol allows compatibility with existing wireless systems on many plants and assets.