Wi-Corr® CUI

Easy-fit wireless external corrosion monitoring solution suitable for detecting moisture in cladding, so the conditions that cause Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) can be precisely monitored.

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Wi-Corr® CUI ('CUItest')

Wireless CUI detection

Ground-breaking technology for the avoidance of corrosion under insulation (CUI) in plant piping and pressure vessels.  Annually, billions of dollars are lost to global industries due to CUI.

3-Sci’s Wi-Corr® CUI solution utilises sparsely-distributed wireless sensors, permanently-installed across a plant and will warn asset owners of the onset of CUI, allowing early and timely intervention.

Key Features


External Corrosion


Operating temp.
up to 200oC


to pipes


Retrofit to storage




Moisture resolution 10ppm
over 30m

Wi-Corr user interface demonstrating a correlation between detected water ingress inside the cladding and local rainfall.

How does Wi-Corr® CUI work?

Wi-Corr® CUI uses small sensors inserted directly into thermal insulation. To ensure ingress protection each sensor is fitted with a waterproof seal. These sensors send and receive electromagnetic waves over tens of metres through the insulation, detecting the presence and quantity of liquids through variations observed in the transmitted signals. Data can then be transmitted wirelessly, back to the user automatically at pre-selected intervals, or by user command.

Measurements of the liquid content in insulation between sensors are sent back to a central controller over the air-borne Radio Frequency (RF) mesh network.

Automatically-processed data revealing moisture content can be viewed and short and long-term trends examined of liquid content.  The likelihood of CUI can then be deduced. Alarms can be set to warn the user of excessive liquid content.

All this capability allows better process control and proactive planning of maintenance by the asset manager.

Additional Information

Wi-Corr® CUI installed sensors offer a safe and minimally intrusive method of CUI detection with reduced exposure of staff and contractors to hazardous environments.  Ultrasound monitoring of inspection anomalies allows for continued safe operation of critical infrastructure.

Installed sensors offer reduced operating and maintenance costs by enabling intelligent repair and intervention programs.

Wi-Corr® CUI sensors are state-of-the-art devices, able to detect water content and increases in relative humidity within the insulation layer.  Wi-Corr® CUI is applied easily to straight or curved metal surfaces.  Signals are transmitted over a wide range of pipe diameters travelling around 45o and 90o bends.

Thermal insulation temperatures and humidity levels to resolutions of +/- 0.5oC and 1% relative humidity respectively are also routinely reported.

Unlike other technologies the Wi-Corr® CUI system is not just limited to non-ferromagnetic aluminium claddings and can be applied to the vast majority of clad structures in industry.

The Wi-Corr® CUI sensors and network can be installed during normal plant operation, so no shutdown is required.  Hand-held thermal-insulation insertion techniques mean that sensors can be installed in just a few minutes, without needing special work permits.

Separate wireless and sensing modules provide flexibility in locating wireless transmitter to maximise RF range and minimise repeaters.

Installing a Wi-Corr® CUI system will eradicate the need to repeatedly work at height to erect scaffolding, remove insulation and gain work permits in hazardous areas.

To cover large assets or large surface areas, dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Wi-Corr® sensors can be deployed. Alternatively, single pair of sensors or small numbers of sensors can be deployed to report on any areas of special concern.

Wi-Corr® units are autonomously powered and designed for 5+ year battery life under normal operating conditions. Batteries can be replaced easily at any time on live plant.

Data reporting system up and running from first installation using intuitive software.  Expandable system.  When new sensors are added to an existing Wi-Corr® installation they are automatically recognised.

The user data display allows examination of data immediately if required, by manual intervention. Short and long-term trends in moisture content are stored and can be recalled for assessment to allow the user to identify any troublesome areas or historical trends in process conditions.

The Wi-Corr® units use a wireless self-organising radio frequency mesh network which has been proven in cluttered environments.  Data from 1000s of corrosion sensors can be sent back to the central control hub for user viewing and advanced control.  No lengthy cabling required.  Wi-Corr® systems can be configured to either be stand-alone or integrated into any existing WirelessHART systems. Cellular networking can be provided, if desired by the user.

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